Little Veterinarian School I & II 
Explore the world of veterinarian - All about dogs
 - At Magellan International School 
Little Veterinarian School® encourages elementary students to role
play and explore the exciting world of veterinarians. Using interactive
demonstrations, crafts and games, kids learn how to take care of a pet and
use instruments that real veterinarians use. Each student will take home
their own stuffed animal dog that they will adopt along with tape measures,
dog journal, dog bone cookie cutter and so much more!

What is in the Veterinarian’s Office
1. Make important measurements on a dog
2. See and complete a head to tail assessment and exam on a dog
The ABCs of Dog Care
1. Talk about the importance of proper nutrition and eating proper foods in keeping a dog healthy and growing properly
2. Know how to make fun treats at home for your dog
3. Know how much water your dog needs a day and make a water bowl

1. Discuss lacerations
2. Know what to do when a dog gets hurt
3. Discuss how to care for stitches

Sick of Ticks!
1. Know about ticks and the importance of checking your dog for ticks.
2. Remove ticks from your dog using proper techniques.
3. Practice ways to give your dog his tick medication.

1. Discuss how antibodies recognize and kill germs that enter the body
2. See how vaccines can protect the body from getting sick
3. Understand the importance of giving your dog vaccinations

Medical Fun!
1. Understand the types of jobs available to Veterinarians
2. Design their own Veterinarian clinic
3. Sharpen skills

Let’s Go to the Vet’s Office!
• Describe some important members of the team at a veterinary office.
• Understand how these people work with veterinarians to help the patients and owners.
• Describe some things that pet owners can do to help make the visit go as smoothly as possible for their pet.
• Discuss what radiographs are.
• Take a radiograph of your dog.
• Describe how a veterinary team would take a radiograph.
Dog Digestion
• Name, explain and be able to label the organs of digestion.
• Understand how food moves normally through the dog digestive tract.
• Describe what happens when a foreign body gets stuck in the digestive tract.
Eye Spy
• Name and label different parts of the eye.
• Describe how a veterinarian would look for a scratch on the eye.
• Common eye troubles for dogs.
Dog Body Language
• Know some common dog body postures and what they could be saying about how the pet is feeling.
• List 3 signs that a dog needs more space. List some signals that a dog is relaxed.
• List 3 situations that might make a dog not want to be touched or approached.
Graduation !
• Understand the types of jobs available to Veterinarians
• Design their own dog toy
• Graduate from Little Veterinarian School

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